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Achievements of Hussein Sajwani

Hussein Sajwani has profoundly revolutionized the real estate industry in Dubai, and his significant achievements have been noted by many. The renowned investor has launched a vast number of real properties which have brought him huge amounts of profits. Among his real estate firms, including the DAMAC properties which are a highly prestigious residential real estate company. His formation of the land was a target to take part in the government’s plea to allow foreigners to own property in the Arab State. Hussein has also contributed in the changing of undeveloped areas in many regions of the Arab state by purchasing many abandoned lands and building better houses.

The Hussain Sajwani family has always had a lot of persistence and hard work when it comes to investing capital in real estate’s regardless of the massive amounts of money required in building the properties. The renowned investor has also received a lot of accreditation from many prestigious individuals including the president of the United States Donald Trump. Hussein and Trump share a common factor of both their families having ventured into the real estate business.

Despite the many challenges that Sajwani faces in the management of his real properties, his experience and expertise that he has gained over his past years of investment in the field have enabled him to conquer them successfully. Besides, Sajwani `s hardworking nature has seen him establish his ventures in a vast number of areas to serve more customers.

The Damac owner also looks forward to building more firms in other countries, and his current meeting with the president of the United States has seen him establish a strong business relationship with the president’s family real estate. Though the president claimed not to make any business deals while still in office, Sajwani still hopes that he will extend his real estate business in the country with the collaboration between him and the president’s daughter and sons. Sajwani insists that an investor should be protective of their products and seek better strategies to keep developing it for it to gain a competitive advantage in the market. He believes that highly competitive products outdo the others in the market for a better customer attraction.


To learn more, visit http://www.damac.com/.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, a Timely and Well Deserved Support for ACLU of Arizona

ACLU of Arizona has been displaying exemplary qualities since inception. It is a group of human right crusaders that never relent in defending the rights of citizens against the excesses of governments and nefarious individuals.

There is no doubt that the group’s meritorious performance in the recent and distant past contributed to its earning a place on the list of groups to benefit from the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The fund as the name implies is one of the magnanimous gestures of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both men co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. While they were going about their business of journalism, these human right activists got wind of grand jury proceedings plotting to cover up the atrocities of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They publicly cried foul and let the cat out of the bag. The County was furious and unilaterally sent armed men to pick them up late on the night of October 18, 2007 from their homes. These journalists were unlawfully jailed and maltreated.

The County never knew Lacey and Larkin were not men that could be cowed into surrendering their First Amendment rights. They promptly sued him to court and requested a $3.75 million as compensation for damages sustained. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

The United States Court of Appeals was the seat of the legal battle, which turned out in favor of Lacey and Larkin. The court also compelled the County to meet the financial demands of both men.

Lacey and Larken came of the court $3.75 richer. Instead of making their bank account fatter, they decided to use it to provide some financial support to human, civil and migrant rights’ groups in Arizona and beyond. This is how the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to be.

While it is obvious that the fund cannot go round all the civil liberty groups in Arizona and its environs, ALCU of Arizona is more than qualify to make the list of selected civil right groups considering its enviable records of defending the rights of citizens and migrants since its formation in 1958.

Records have it that the state law banning multi-racial marriage in 1960 was overturned through a series of litigations championed by ACLU of Arizona until victory was declared. The defense of Ernesto Miranda, a laborer convicted of rape base on his police confession alone, readily comes to mind. ACLU of Arizona went all out to save him from being victimized.

The ACLU of Arizona has not gone to sleep after its enviable past. Currently, the group has taken Jan Brewer, the Arizona Governor, to court for putting in place policies that deny young immigrants their access to driver’s licenses even after a federal permission had been obtained in support of their stay through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

There is no better way to spur a group to do better than to appreciate their past exploits, not just with words but in tangible ways, like Lacey and Larkin has done.

There is no doubt that the ACLU of Arizona now has more impetus for greater exploits in the fight against abusers of human rights.

Learn about Frontera Fund and Justice for Immigrants & Families project in Arizona

Most people know Arizona to have a majority number of undocumented individuals. More than 300000 people live in Arizona without documentation. Despite this, Maricopa County has never offered any organization that provides low-cost or free legal services to non-detained immigrants that risk deportation. Due to this, the immigrants in Arizona must try to go through the complicated and confusing system without any legal assistance. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

However, some organizations have come to the rescue to help these immigrants. We have written about such two organizations that are working hard to ensure immigrants get the help they need to avoid deportation.

Frontera Fund

If you follow civil rights movements, you have probably come across this name. It is an organization founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

They are also the founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. The two are popular for dedicating the settlement money that came from the imprisonment of Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund human rights organization in Arizona.

The settlement was $3.75, and it resulted when Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County arrested Jim and Michael on 18/9/2007. Jim and Michael were arrested from their homes during the night. It was after revealing that there was a grand jury proceeding that looked for reporters’ notes on the news covering the Sheriff.

More severely, the grand jury subpoenas wanted to know the identity of individuals who read New Times stories online that involved the Sheriff. The two journalists who had spent their entire careers defending and asserting their first amendment rights went to court and sued the county, they won in the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit.

The organization funds groups that advocate for migrant, civil, human rights as well as civic participation and freedom of speech in Arizona and the Mexican border.

Justice for Immigrants and Families Project (JIF)

A new movement hopes to promote and while offering access to justice for Maricopa immigrants. The group will represent immigrants directly in removal proceedings by recommending suitable cases to pro bono attorneys or by training them. It will give group workshops, access to self-help legal guides, “know your rights” orientations and legal consultations to people facing immigrant problems.

The movement will also collaborate with other community groups such as Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund to provide more support and empowerment for immigrants. JIF’s goal is to ensure that the immigration status of individuals will never pose a barrier to economic and social opportunities. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:  http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/

In other words, Justice for Immigrants & Families is a pioneer project from Phoenix Legal Action Network. A group of lawyers who give pro bono legal services to enhance and protect the rights of women, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, racial minorities, and religious minorities. The network also advocates for voting rights, criminal justice reform, free speech, and police accountability.

In conclusion, the above two groups have been helpful to immigrants in Arizona area. You can learn more about such groups and current news at Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund website.

Lori Senecal’s Rise to Dominance in Company Advertising

In the present market, advertising goes a long way in predicting how a business will ultimately perform against competitors. Companies have been coming up with new methods of advertising; a recent method of advertising is through social media sites such as Facebook. The new kinds of digital advertising are slowly becoming more preferable.

An example of a CEO who has decided to exploit this new area of marketing is Lori Senecal. Lori has decided to use Facebook as the means of marketing her company. The idea of advertising on Facebook may seem to be a little far-fetched, but since there are over 1.28 billion users per day on this social media platform, then there is no denying the ability of this site to achieve desired marketing objectives, says Senecal.

Social media platforms have significantly changed how people advertise. This is because it can all be computer-generated and hence reduces the cost of buying and using props. Google has also been known to promote products from other companies on their website.

Digital advertisements, though good, should have a certain structure to ensure that they are effective. They should be short and straight to the point since these advertisements usually pop up while someone is surfing on another website. They should also not take a long time to read and understand. They should also be eye catching, interesting enough to grab the attention of the user.

Lori Senecal serves as the present global CEO for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, a position she has held since March 2015. When she joined the company, she committed herself to finding new advertising solutions to enhance the organization. Over the short period that she has worked at the agency, Lori Senecal has been responsible for tremendous growth within the company. According to Ad Week, this includes growing their international offices, and in addition to that, she is also responsible for nurturing new talent and was the one who promoted the idea of digital marketing by the company. The company has grown from 250 to over 900 employees. View Lori’s full profile on crunchbase.com.

Jeremy Goldstein: Advocate for Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein has become an expert in knockout options. Knockout options are the best option for employees who are not provided with regular stock options. Some companies no longer offer stock options for a variety of reasons other than finances.

Stock values can fluctuate, which may not allow employees to exercise their options. These options can cause stress on accounting and surpass any financial benefits.

Jeremy Goldstein says stock options are more valuable than insurance or equities and even wage increases, because as the company’s value increases, the workers personal earnings earn an increase. Stock options may encourage employees to work harder to find new customers and continue their work with existing clients.

When a corporation does not want to terminate stock options they need a gameplan. One possibility is the knockout. A knockout stock option is similar to conventional stocks but if the shares drop too low, employees lose them. Employees have become concerned with this type of compensation. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://corpgov.law.harvard.edu/contributor/jeremy-goldstein/

Most understand that economic disruptions can render stock options worthless. These benefits are akin to casino tokens more than cash. Options result in strong accounting burdens. The related costs may eclipse advantages of the derivatives.

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer who can give legal advice about benefits to those employees who need help. Jeremy Goldstein has more than 15 years in business law. Jeremy Goldstein is the CEO and founder of his New York law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

As a corporate lawyer, he has overseen dozens of corporate transactions over the last three decades including companies such as Verizon, Chevron, Merck and Bank One. Jeremy Goldstein currently serves on the board of a prestigious law journal.

Jeremy has served with several top-notch law firms. He has experience in corporate governance and executive compensation. He continues to work with those who need business law help.

Securus Technologies Gets Glowing Reviews From Customers

Securus Technologies is a very interesting company. It’s portfolio all focuses on the prison and justice systems but its offerings are very unique and vast. They offer everything from phone calling services to inmates that wish to contact their loved ones, to monitoring and tracking contraband cell phones, to location tracking and more. The company has been around for a few decades and is based out of Dallas, Texas. They work with thousands of correctional facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Recently, PR Newswire had an article where real clients of Securus wrote in to share their reviews of the products and services. I was impressed by the positive reviews for a company that has such complex offerings and that works in a system so daunting as the prison and justice systems can be. I found the reviews that included true instances to be most helpful if I were evaluating their services.


In one instance, listening into a call helped a correctional institute find out that one of its employees was actually corrupt and aiding inmates to bring in contraband. The recording gave the facility the proof it needed to arrest that person and terminate their employment, making the facility safer for both inmates and staff.


Another instance a correctional officer listened to a call between and inmate and his brother where he was coercing him into giving false testimony and providing an alibi. The alibi would have shielded the inmate from conviction against a shooting charge, or it would have brought a perjury case against the other brother, who had no criminal record. The recording was actually able to be used by the prosecutor to put away the shooter. What a great review of how the products are making a true impact on keeping our prison systems safe and orderly using technology.

UKV PLC- Prestigious Wine And Champagne Consultants For Any Occasion

UKV PLC (also known as United Kingdom Vintners) are wine consultants from London who make investments and decisions for clients based on their extensive breadth of knowledge in wines and champagnes. The company is run privately and is not tied down to a single supply chain system. At current, the company employs about eleven to fifty staff members.

UKV PLC investments are capital gains tax-free. UKV PLC promises twelve percent to fifteen percent return per annum on strategic investments. UKV PLC can also meet the client at home or wherever the client is comfortable.

A unique business industry

There is something about wine which makes this industry unique. The older the wine, the more expensive it becomes making this a steady and good business because older wines will fetch for more money. With Brexit and the pound weakening, businesses and the British economy were hard hit. Property prices also fell. Even with the gloomy outlook, this made wine investment even more perfect.

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Potential for wine investment

In 2013, the Chinese population had drunk 1.8 billion bottles of wine making it the biggest consumer of wine and also beating the French. Fine wine uptake has increased in several countries including Brazil, Russia and India. According to American Heart Association, drinking one or two glasses of wine in a day is good for your heart.

Benefits of Wine

According to studies done and revealed in The Journal of Gerontology (2007), wine increases the life expectancy of men and women. Wine consumers have a thirty-four percent lower death expectancy than beer and spirit takers. A sixteen-year-old study done by Harvard School of Public Health found that moderate drinkers who suffered from high blood pressure were thirty percent less to get a heart attack than non-drinkers.

According to a study done at a University in London (2006) found that drinking red wine reduced the rate of getting heart disease.A study was done in Amsterdam’s Medical Centre (2005) found that moderate drinkers had a thirty percent less chance of contracting type 2 diabetes than non-drinkers. Consuming alcohol reduces chances of getting stroke by fifty percent than if you did not drink according to a study done in Columbia.

Read more on ukvplcblog.com

James Larkin History

James Larkin was an Ireland Born labor organizer and activist. He was born on 21st January 1876 In Liverpool England. He was mainly known for founding the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The above became the region’s largest union, but it fell apart after the Dublin Lock Out. Larking then traveled to the United States, although he was later deported to his mother country.

James grew in the slums of Liverpool and garnered little formal education. From the age of 7 years, he would attend school in the morning and go home in the afternoon to help raise some income for the family. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

Jim worked many odd jobs to supplement his family income. At the age of 14, the dad passed away, and James was given his father’s former position in the organization where the father worked before his demise. James was however laid down after two years, forcing him back to his odd jobs. He later worked as a sailor and a docker. It was in that span that he married Elizabeth Brown with whom they stayed together and bore children.

Finally, James earned a position as a foreman at the Liverpool Docks. While there, he was a committed socialist and he specifically noted how workers were unfairly treated. To amend the situation, James joined National Union of Dock Labourers. In 1905, James Larkin became a full-time trade union organizer.

He was later transferred to Dublin, where he formed the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The primary goal of the union was to bring together all the skilled and unskilled Irish industrial workers in one organization.

Later James formed the Irish Labor Party, and he led several strikes in the region. Most of the strikes were successful, and this gave him popularity among the laborers. Case in point, the 1913 Dublin Lockout had more than 100, 000 workers going on strike for over eight months. The group won success, and they were accorded the rights to fair employment at the end of the strike.

As World War 1 broke out, James staged massive antiwar demonstrations in Dublin. He also traveled to the U.S. to raise the necessary capital that was needed to fight the British. His activist activities made him convicted of communism and criminal anarchy in 1920. However, he was pardoned in 1923 and deported to Ireland. He then organized the Workers Union of Ireland, where he was recognized by Communist International in 1924.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Big Jim Larkin: Hero and Wrecker

Arthur Becker Strives to Redefine the Real Estate Sector

Zinio’s chair and CEO, Arthur Becker, had an interview with Huffington Post. The businessman shared a little bit about various aspects of his life as well as his business. Reading through the interview, I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Becker is passionate about tech and real estate.

Arthur ventured into business in February 2003 when began serving as the chief executive officer of NaviSite. About eight years later, he founded his first company –Madison Partners LLC, http://madisonpartners.nyc/about-arthur/. His firm specializes in real estate. Arthur told the interviewer that he draws his inspiration from Vera Wang Fashion. Inspirery also wanted to know how the seasoned entrepreneur makes his money. Becker buys, renovates and sells properties. In addition, he leases some of his properties to companies and individuals.

When Arthur was starting out, he knew what type of business he wanted to venture in. So, he never doubted himself as a businessperson. Mr. Becker believes that the best way to clear doubts while starting a business is to understand the dynamics of the business beforehand.

Curbed.com also asked Arthur Becker to share one of his favorite marketing strategies. His answer was simple: using previous experience. He said that he had a lot of experience from the investment sector before he established Madison Partners. What’s more, he had already made a name for himself. This made it easy for him to find clients and people to work with. Arthur also added that referrals are an excellent way of promoting a business. He urged startups to invest in billboards, branded items, and business cards.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker studied Arts at Bennington College. He also attended Amos Tuck, where he studied Business Administration. The knowledge he acquired from both institutions has helped him throughout his career. Becker worked at Advance Partners, before establishing Madison Partners. He also helped establish Atlantic Investors, which is now a multi-million dollar company.

While still serving as the CEO of NaviSite, he was appointed the directing manager of Vera Wang Group. Mr. Becker sold NaviSite to Time Warner in 2011 so that he could concentrate on building his real estate business. He began by developing condos in Miami and New York. Arthur is considered a business leader in the real estate industry. Information sourced from Bloomberg.

How Betsy DeVos Advocates For School Choice

Even when Betsy DeVos was a student at Calvin College she was known to be politically engaged on campus. Over the last 30 years she has continued to advocate for political causes she believes in. She has served as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and helped her husband, Dick DeVos, run for Governor of Michigan.

Betsy and Dick DeVos established the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation in 1989. They have given to many causes including those in education, the arts, and developing the leaders of tomorrow. Betsy has also donated her time including serving on the Board of Governors for the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Kids Hope USA, The Foundation for Excellence in Education, and other nonprofits. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Additionally, Betsy DeVos is known nationally for her passion for educational reform, specifically allowing families to have a choice in what school their children attend. She has advocated for this position since visiting Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This school mainly has children that come from an impoverished background. Despite that, their parents make the choice to still pay to have their children attend this school because of the deplorable state of public education in Grand Rapids.

Betsy DeVos advocates for people like the parents of children at Potter’s House. She thinks that by attaining educational reform, such as school vouchers and tax credits, students will receive a much better education at a cost parents can afford. She has pushed for this viewpoint in her home state of Michigan as well as in Florida, Lousiana, Indiana, and other states across the nation.

Rather than limiting children to schools in their zip code, Betsy DeVos thinks that the world of technology shows promise in giving students broader choices. In the modern era, there’s increasing opportunities to learn outside of a specific school building like it was in the past. There will be more digital learning as time goes on as well as blended learning where students learn part-time in a class setting and part-time out of the class. Visit Betsy’s profile page on facebook.com.

Since February 2017, Betsy DeVos has been the United States Secretary of Education. She was nominated by President Trump and later confirmed by the U.S. Senate. She has stated that she will work with the President in order to help all students get a quality education regardless of what zip code they live in. She has also said that a child’s household income shouldn’t be one of the main factors that determines the type of education a student receives. She has also pledged to return control of schools back to local communities and the states rather than having the federal government heavily involved in every educational choice in the nation.