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Achievements of Hussein Sajwani

Hussein Sajwani has profoundly revolutionized the real estate industry in Dubai, and his significant achievements have been noted by many. The renowned investor has launched a vast number of real properties which have brought him huge amounts of profits. Among his real estate firms, including the DAMAC properties which are a highly prestigious residential real estate company. His formation of the land was a target to take part in the government’s plea to allow foreigners to own property in the Arab State. Hussein has also contributed in the changing of undeveloped areas in many regions of the Arab state by purchasing many abandoned lands and building better houses.

The Hussain Sajwani family has always had a lot of persistence and hard work when it comes to investing capital in real estate’s regardless of the massive amounts of money required in building the properties. The renowned investor has also received a lot of accreditation from many prestigious individuals including the president of the United States Donald Trump. Hussein and Trump share a common factor of both their families having ventured into the real estate business.

Despite the many challenges that Sajwani faces in the management of his real properties, his experience and expertise that he has gained over his past years of investment in the field have enabled him to conquer them successfully. Besides, Sajwani `s hardworking nature has seen him establish his ventures in a vast number of areas to serve more customers.

The Damac owner also looks forward to building more firms in other countries, and his current meeting with the president of the United States has seen him establish a strong business relationship with the president’s family real estate. Though the president claimed not to make any business deals while still in office, Sajwani still hopes that he will extend his real estate business in the country with the collaboration between him and the president’s daughter and sons. Sajwani insists that an investor should be protective of their products and seek better strategies to keep developing it for it to gain a competitive advantage in the market. He believes that highly competitive products outdo the others in the market for a better customer attraction.


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