Arthur Becker Strives to Redefine the Real Estate Sector

Zinio’s chair and CEO, Arthur Becker, had an interview with Huffington Post. The businessman shared a little bit about various aspects of his life as well as his business. Reading through the interview, I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Becker is passionate about tech and real estate.

Arthur ventured into business in February 2003 when began serving as the chief executive officer of NaviSite. About eight years later, he founded his first company –Madison Partners LLC, His firm specializes in real estate. Arthur told the interviewer that he draws his inspiration from Vera Wang Fashion. Inspirery also wanted to know how the seasoned entrepreneur makes his money. Becker buys, renovates and sells properties. In addition, he leases some of his properties to companies and individuals.

When Arthur was starting out, he knew what type of business he wanted to venture in. So, he never doubted himself as a businessperson. Mr. Becker believes that the best way to clear doubts while starting a business is to understand the dynamics of the business beforehand. also asked Arthur Becker to share one of his favorite marketing strategies. His answer was simple: using previous experience. He said that he had a lot of experience from the investment sector before he established Madison Partners. What’s more, he had already made a name for himself. This made it easy for him to find clients and people to work with. Arthur also added that referrals are an excellent way of promoting a business. He urged startups to invest in billboards, branded items, and business cards.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker studied Arts at Bennington College. He also attended Amos Tuck, where he studied Business Administration. The knowledge he acquired from both institutions has helped him throughout his career. Becker worked at Advance Partners, before establishing Madison Partners. He also helped establish Atlantic Investors, which is now a multi-million dollar company.

While still serving as the CEO of NaviSite, he was appointed the directing manager of Vera Wang Group. Mr. Becker sold NaviSite to Time Warner in 2011 so that he could concentrate on building his real estate business. He began by developing condos in Miami and New York. Arthur is considered a business leader in the real estate industry. Information sourced from Bloomberg.