How Innovation Put EOS Ahead

Around 2009, EOS lip balm first emerged on Walgreens’ shelves as it was the only store to accept the novelty. The other stores refused EOS because they overestimated the consumer’s loyalty to older brands. EOS was looking to change the market from the same boring, old stuff and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They were determined to introduce creativity and innovation to the lip balm market. Soon, the other stores noticed their mistake and wanted EOS on their shelves too.

This all began thanks to Mehr and his team, who rallied together in 2006 in an attempt to conjure up new business ideas that would rattle the foundations of the beauty industry. When the team looked into the current lip balms on the market, they realized they all relied on a tube design with boring packaging that made lip balms seem mundane and unappealing.

With a little research the team realized that the majority of lip balm consumers were women (prior to their research, companies assumed it was a unisex product).  Mehr desired a product that would be useful and enjoyable, so he went through tons of different shape designs and ideas in order to find the right one. Since EOS’ launch it has been a coveted product and has become the second best-selling lip balm on eBay and Amazon.

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  1. With a new focus on women, the team found their direction and business opportunity. The typical tube had to go, it was too easy for women to lose, and too dull to be appealing to a female audience. It makes a whole lot of what thesis papers has been writing about and it might come to pass as well too.

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