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Roberto Santiago Creates Mega Mall

When it comes to creating fun experiences in Brazil Roberto Santiago may be the man behind one of the best real estate visions for Brazil. He is the man that has changed the way that people look at malls by creating a huge world famous mall that has tons of visitors and local Brazilians talking.

When he decided to create this over-the-top mall of abundance he knew that he was building something that consumers were going to embrace. The Manaira Mall has gained a lot of attention because it has so many different things for people to enjoy. He has built a mall that has a bowling alley and a movie theater. This is in addition to all the different shops that are available for people that are trying to buy clothes. There is also an amusement park and a gigantic food court that gives people a great number of dining options as well.

Roberto Santiago had a true vision when he made a decision to create a mall like this. People are praising him because he has created a place where people can go and get everything that they need to do completed with one trip. No longer do natives of Brazil have to roam around all of Brazil in search of different places to complete their daily tasks. When people come to this vision that was created by Roberto Santiago they have access to all types of shops and eateries. They have the ability to shop leisurely and then enjoy family time if they want to participate in things like movies are other activities like bowling.

Robert Santiago has really done his best to create a very pleasant environment for anyone that is looking for a change of pace from what the typical mall offers. People that frequent malls on a regular basis will typically associate the concept of a mall with shopping and dining. Roberto wanted to go the extra mile, and this is what has made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He is someone that was thinking outside of the box and he was not afraid to take his vision to a mainstream crowd. This is a huge facility and Roberto had to invest a lot of time and money into building this establishment. It has been profitable for him and his return on investment is great. Read more on comunique-se.com.

Roberto Santiago has invested in other areas of real estate in Brazil, but people are going to probably be more familiar with this mall that he created with mega screens and elegant ballrooms for entertainment purposes. He believes that the Manaira Mall has something for everyone regardless of what they may be looking for. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

Hussain Sajwani Summits Real Estate and Philanthropy

While some may have thought President Trump’s statements about Muslims during the campaign primary were indicative about his relationship with the Arab and Muslim community as a whole, many would probably be surprised to know he has a very good working relationship with DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani.

Sajwani is a real estate investor and developer who has undertaken magnificent building projects across the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East as a whole. Hussain Sajwani family and President Trump have worked together as business partners in the buying and construction of various hotels and golf courses, and Sajwani even expressed after Trump’s election that he would like to make more real estate deals.

Sajwani not only knows Donald Trump well but has spoken on a personal level with his family.

Hussein Sajwani started his own real estate company, DAMAC Properties back in 2002 and it’s become a leader in property constructions and sales across the UAE. Sajwani is an expert in sales and marketing and has built strong connections to clients of all industries. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: http://gulfnews.com/culture/people/high-riser-1.25193

DAMAC Properties has designed some of the most exquisite apartment housing and vacation resorts. The funding for many of these developments has come from DICO Investments, a UAE private equity firm that has facilitated many mergers and acquisitions.

Hussain Sajwani has a formal degree from the University of Washington and actually began in the oil industry. His first professional leadership position was at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary GASCO where he managed contracts for various drilling companies.

And prior to going into real estate, Sajwani actually opened a major food service and catering business whose customers included construction companies, military divisions, schools and colleges.

Sajwani also happens to own shares in one of the UAE’s only tile manufacturing companies, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and he also has interests in Arab securities company Al Jazeira.

Affordable Preventive Health Care

Individuals would do anything to prevent themselves from any ailment. It is evident that most people do not like it when they are sick. People wish to prevent themselves from diseases rather than get infected by the disease. There are various methods of preventing yourself against disease according to Bitsylink. There are other natural ways of preventing oneself from diseases besides practicing a healthy lifestyle and using vaccines. The starting point understands personal health complications or the underlying health issues that are alarming. Having the knowledge of personal body mass index enables someone to recognize some of the harmful eating habits that they have and how they can adjust their BMI to prevent themselves from certain diseases. The different body check-ups are the epicenter of preventing an individual from diseases that may arise without their knowledge or because of ignorance. Life Line Screening is offering services to enable people to understand their health inclination.

According to The Lure Lounge, life Line Screening has three types of preventive health screening. This enables an individual to understand the three dimensions of health. The three levels of screening include ultrasound screening, finger-stick blood screening, and limited electrocardiograph. The ultrasound screening scans the breathing system of the individual to show any issue. The finger-stick blood screening enables the doctor to scan the health issues of a person. This facilitates a person to understand any impurities in their blood. The electrocardiograph is for the heart and reproductive organs to scan the possible issues that can be present without the knowledge of the person. This different life screening enables the client to understand their status. This facilitates the person to understand the part of their body that needs attention and what they need to watch when making decisions on diets. It is an affordable and painless process that leaves a person informed about their bodies. The information enables the individual to make informed decisions. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

See more: http://www.spokeo.com/Tammy-Mazzocco

Kevin Seawright Builds a Reputation of Leadership

Kevin Seawright currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is a financial and operations leader known for his work on the east coast of the United States. He has had major success helping the organizations he is affiliated with to achieve their business goals.

He was Executive Director of Operations for the state of Maryland, from May 2012 to September 2014. He was Vice President of Operations and Human Capital for Tito General Contractors from April of 2011 to 2013. Kevin received his Master’s Degree in Accounting from Almeda University. He received an Executive Leadership Certificate from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin Seawright has helped businesses build solid Accounting and Finance divisions that provide economic growth and stability to their organizations. He has helped sub-contractors and contractors with revenue planning processes for meeting their goals.

He has helped businesses increase their revenues by up to 25 percent in some cases. He has helped companies improve human capital and their retention rates for employees, as well as their recruiting results.

Kevin Seawright has spent 13 years in Executive financial positions, human resources and capital management. He handled over $400 M in city and state capital. He also was responsible for handling $600M for educational construction.

He has served as Managing Fiscal Officer, Payroll Director, Finance Director, and more during his career. His ability to build a rapport with staff and employees is exceptional.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has the knowledge of general local, state and federal funding methods. He has built positive relationships between city, state and neighborhood associations. In 2010, he was the recipient of Met Life’s Bridges to the Future Award. He continues to lead with his expertise in the fields of accounting, finance and business management.

Learn more about Kevin Seawright: http://vizualize.me/kevinseawright#.WOJjraK1uM8

Jason Hope Talks About Impact Of Internet Of Things On Employment

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as Arizona’s foremost internet entrepreneur. As one of the first to market with premium mobile content streaming services, he found great early success with his company, Jawa.

Recently, Hope has taken to the internet, writing about tech matters and other points of interest for those keen on learning more about where the technology of the future may take us. As a lifelong futurist and avid reader of the technical literature, Hope has many interesting insights to share with his audience regarding the likely course that future technologies will take and the impact that they will have on society as a whole.

One of the areas that generates perennial concern about the future that an increasingly automated workforce will create is the ability of society to continue to employ its workforce. Jason Hope believes that this is actually less of a problem than at first it may seem. He readily acknowledges that, in a future saturated with cheap automation, the vast majority of workers may not be able to obtain full employment and many may not be able to obtain any employment at all.

But Hope sees this as a benefit rather than a curse. He believes that the new, automated workforce will grant workers huge amounts of leisure time and will guarantee a universal basic income for all. Hope forsees, within the next decade, a realization of the promise of the Industrial Revolution, a 10 hour work week and a decent wage for every worker.

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Philanthropy And Politics Combine With Business For George Soros

During 2015 it seemed as though the financial genius and major political donor, George Soros had finally decided to take a back seat from running his globally renowned Soros Fund Management hedge fund brand and providing major support to political and philanthropic groups. However, with $30 billion in assets managed by Soros Fund Management the chances of the Hungarian born business leader stepping aside and allowing others to operate his business and donations without his input always seemed small; by 2016, Soros was returned to his position as one of the major political donors in the history of the U.S. and was stepping up his business interests once more by working closely with newly appointed Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management, Dawn Fitzpatrick. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

The question on the lips of many is just why George Soros believed the buildup and fallout from the 2016 U.S. presidential elections were so important that he must complete a u-turn about his contributions to major political groups and Super PAC’s. Politico reports George Soros has only ever made a move to influence U.S Presidential elections at times he feels the future of the world is at stake as he did in both 2004 and 2016; Soros has not been a major donor towards U.S. elections for the majority of the 21st century as he only took part in the 2004 Presidential election to the tune of $27 million as he felt the Presidency of George W. Bush was a danger to the security of the world because of the unlawful war led by the President in Iraq. By 2016 the political climate had changed in the U.S. once again with extreme groups making their way to the fore within the Republican Party and forcing George Soros to once again return to the political landscape with $25 million donated to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, according to Politico.

Soros has always had a major effect on the future of the U.S. and the more than 100 nations across the planet his Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups now works in. In the U.S., George Soros believes the Constitution is a document that should be fought for at all times and does not provide any God given rights; instead, George Soros has decided to throw his backing behind a range of groups and PAC’s dedicated to protecting the rights of minority groups across the nation. During the 2016 election season a major donation made by George Soros was the $5 million donated to the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC that was making a major impact on the number of Hispanic voters mobilized to vote during the 2016 election season. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros.

Edison Research Proves PodcastOne to be Great Advertising Opportunity

We are living in an age of unbridled progression thanks to the constant evolution of technology. In some ways our evolution seems to mirror our past and that is why podcasts are becoming so huge. PodcastOne has become a leading force in the podcast world thanks to their advertiser supported programming.

Advertising promoting radio shows has been a part of the entertainment landscape for decades, but advertisers buying into podcasts is something completely new. We looked at a study done by Edison Research to see if endorsing advertisers is the way to go.

Norman Pattiz, the executive Chairman of PodcastOne, should be more than happy to see the results from Edison Research. The study went ahead and looked at data compiled by listeners in order to see how they engaged with the promoted companies on the different podcasts.

The study showed that 60% of listeners ended up mentioning a specific brand of grocery store after engaging with the advertiser in their regular listening. Product awareness as a whole seemed to be flying up in the study. On the whole, Edison Research was emphatic in their support of how advertisers directly benefit from working with a podcast company like PodcastOne.

Norman Pattiz was quick to chime in with his thoughts on the research results. Pattiz spoke with power saying, “Our core focus has always been to independently verify that the podcast format provides enhanced brand impact well beyond traditional advertising formats.”

A mouthful to be sure but Pattiz wants to make it clear: advertising on PodcastOne can lead to enhanced returns for your company or your business.

Now, we understand that podcasting is a hug new market to plunge into so the success was to be expected. With that said, Norman Pattiz has to be applauded for how he’s engaged in the creation of PodcastOne.

Pattiz has a tireless work ethic and he’s the first to say, “Be the first one in, in the morning, and the last one out at night. Stay busy, excited and engaged.”

Pattiz has well over 40 years of total experience in the radio broadcast industry. You might also know his name due to the fact that he’s the founder of Westwood One — the largest provider of broad based entertainment in all of America.

Westwood One contributes to the NFL, the NCAA, CBS, NBC and a host of other huge named brands. So, are you ready to get listening to a podcast now.

How Innovation Put EOS Ahead

Around 2009, EOS lip balm first emerged on Walgreens’ shelves as it was the only store to accept the novelty. The other stores refused EOS because they overestimated the consumer’s loyalty to older brands. EOS was looking to change the market from the same boring, old stuff and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They were determined to introduce creativity and innovation to the lip balm market. Soon, the other stores noticed their mistake and wanted EOS on their shelves too.

This all began thanks to Mehr and his team, who rallied together in 2006 in an attempt to conjure up new business ideas that would rattle the foundations of the beauty industry. When the team looked into the current lip balms on the market, they realized they all relied on a tube design with boring packaging that made lip balms seem mundane and unappealing. https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

With a little research the team realized that the majority of lip balm consumers were women (prior to their research, companies assumed it was a unisex product). With a new focus on women, the team found their direction and business opportunity. The typical tube had to go, it was too easy for women to lose, and too dull to be appealing to a female audience. Mehr desired a product that would be useful and enjoyable, so he went through tons of different shape designs and ideas in order to find the right one. Since EOS’ launch it has been a coveted product and has become the second best-selling lip balm on eBay and Amazon.

Securus Technologies Receives Praise From Clients

As each portion of our lives become more and more closely linked with technology, the benefits of a high-tech society become ever more apparent. As the medical fields, social infrastructure, and even manufacturing lines are only improved by the involvement of technology, the next obvious question is what facet of life can best be improved by highly adaptive technology.


Answering that question with resounding force, Securus Technologies, a company that helps facilitate inmate communications in many prison facilities across the nation, took to their clients to find how their technologies have helped make the prison system safer and more effective for all those within the system.


Securus Technologies’ Clients Speak Volumes


In a very unprecedented form of transparency, Securus Technologies recently published a list of what their real clients are saying about their services. Different from the recent spate of “real customer” promotions utilized by car manufacturers, the comments from all of the clients were collected directly from the clients themselves. The comments which came in the form of hard written letters, e-mails, and other communication channels all expressed the same message throughout each, that Securus Technologies had not only made the duties of clients within the prison administration industry easier but safer.


Ringing throughout each comment was praise for the services, one comment even purported that Securus’ services had helped break up a corrupt official’s contraband ring using intercepted communications.


Technologies Role in Preventing Crime


Though we are still very far away from living in a world that mimics sci-fi movies, in the near future police officers will not be conducting raids based upon perceived criminal intentions like most dystopian novels, technology still has a very significant role to play in policing not only our streets but our prison systems as well.


If you would like to read more about Securus Technologies and the role of technology in the prison system please click here.


Todd Lubar: The Charitable Businessman

Real estate is one of the highest worthwhile investments in the world today. The increase in the world’s population has seen its demand hit up the roof making it a lucrative venture for those with the required resources with the likes of Todd Lubar.

With a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Syracuse in 1995, Todd Lubar’s real estate career hit the road to a start. He was fascinated by the industry and how it worked considering he had a desire in him to help others. Like a part of him, his affiliation with the industry easily clicked and made him realize that was his field to be in and probably even dominate. With this knowledge, he exposed himself to mortgage banking through Crestar Mortgage Corporation and became an expert through the first-hand experience.

With his dream at the back of his mind, Todd Lubar did not halt. He continued to form linked in networks and meaningful relationships with CPAs, financial planners, insurance agents and real estate agents. They all formed the foundation of his now flourishing business. It was in ’99 that he initiated the ground-breaking of his career by accepting a credit’s post with Legacy Financial Group that provided him with a platform to extend his knowledge of lending.

Later on, Todd Lubar started a residential company, Legendary Properties that focused on buying, developing, selling and gaining profits on residences. With his vast experience in his previous works and network, it opened doors for him to deal with experienced professionals in the building sector enabling him to produce high-quality products and at the required time. More so, he established Limited Financial to cater for the disadvantaged lot amongst his clientele. He lent to individuals and companies that were overlooked by other lending institutions. According to Angel.co, also, he ventured in commercial demolitions and scrap metal recycling later on in his career.

Todd Lubar is an exceptional businessman who unlike many business people, who are profit oriented, he focuses on his clients’ interest to fulfill his operational objectives. He gains his profits through assisting people to achieve their dreams. For more info, visit toddlubar.com.