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Securus Technologies Gets Glowing Reviews From Customers

Securus Technologies is a very interesting company. It’s portfolio all focuses on the prison and justice systems but its offerings are very unique and vast. They offer everything from phone calling services to inmates that wish to contact their loved ones, to monitoring and tracking contraband cell phones, to location tracking and more. The company has been around for a few decades and is based out of Dallas, Texas. They work with thousands of correctional facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Recently, PR Newswire had an article where real clients of Securus wrote in to share their reviews of the products and services. I was impressed by the positive reviews for a company that has such complex offerings and that works in a system so daunting as the prison and justice systems can be. I found the reviews that included true instances to be most helpful if I were evaluating their services.


In one instance, listening into a call helped a correctional institute find out that one of its employees was actually corrupt and aiding inmates to bring in contraband. The recording gave the facility the proof it needed to arrest that person and terminate their employment, making the facility safer for both inmates and staff.


Another instance a correctional officer listened to a call between and inmate and his brother where he was coercing him into giving false testimony and providing an alibi. The alibi would have shielded the inmate from conviction against a shooting charge, or it would have brought a perjury case against the other brother, who had no criminal record. The recording was actually able to be used by the prosecutor to put away the shooter. What a great review of how the products are making a true impact on keeping our prison systems safe and orderly using technology.

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