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Todd Lubar: The Charitable Businessman

Real estate is one of the highest worthwhile investments in the world today. The increase in the world’s population has seen its demand hit up the roof making it a lucrative venture for those with the required resources with the likes of Todd Lubar.

With a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Syracuse in 1995, Todd Lubar’s real estate career hit the road to a start. He was fascinated by the industry and how it worked considering he had a desire in him to help others. Like a part of him, his affiliation with the industry easily clicked and made him realize that was his field to be in and probably even dominate. With this knowledge, he exposed himself to mortgage banking through Crestar Mortgage Corporation and became an expert through the first-hand experience.

With his dream at the back of his mind, Todd Lubar did not halt. He continued to form linked in networks and meaningful relationships with CPAs, financial planners, insurance agents and real estate agents. They all formed the foundation of his now flourishing business. It was in ’99 that he initiated the ground-breaking of his career by accepting a credit’s post with Legacy Financial Group that provided him with a platform to extend his knowledge of lending.

Later on, Todd Lubar started a residential company, Legendary Properties that focused on buying, developing, selling and gaining profits on residences. With his vast experience in his previous works and network, it opened doors for him to deal with experienced professionals in the building sector enabling him to produce high-quality products and at the required time. More so, he established Limited Financial to cater for the disadvantaged lot amongst his clientele. He lent to individuals and companies that were overlooked by other lending institutions. According to Angel.co, also, he ventured in commercial demolitions and scrap metal recycling later on in his career.

Todd Lubar is an exceptional businessman who unlike many business people, who are profit oriented, he focuses on his clients’ interest to fulfill his operational objectives. He gains his profits through assisting people to achieve their dreams. For more info, visit toddlubar.com.


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