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UKV PLC- Prestigious Wine And Champagne Consultants For Any Occasion

UKV PLC (also known as United Kingdom Vintners) are wine consultants from London who make investments and decisions for clients based on their extensive breadth of knowledge in wines and champagnes. The company is run privately and is not tied down to a single supply chain system. At current, the company employs about eleven to fifty staff members.

UKV PLC investments are capital gains tax-free. UKV PLC promises twelve percent to fifteen percent return per annum on strategic investments. UKV PLC can also meet the client at home or wherever the client is comfortable.

A unique business industry

There is something about wine which makes this industry unique. The older the wine, the more expensive it becomes making this a steady and good business because older wines will fetch for more money. With Brexit and the pound weakening, businesses and the British economy were hard hit. Property prices also fell. Even with the gloomy outlook, this made wine investment even more perfect.

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Potential for wine investment

In 2013, the Chinese population had drunk 1.8 billion bottles of wine making it the biggest consumer of wine and also beating the French. Fine wine uptake has increased in several countries including Brazil, Russia and India. According to American Heart Association, drinking one or two glasses of wine in a day is good for your heart.

Benefits of Wine

According to studies done and revealed in The Journal of Gerontology (2007), wine increases the life expectancy of men and women. Wine consumers have a thirty-four percent lower death expectancy than beer and spirit takers. A sixteen-year-old study done by Harvard School of Public Health found that moderate drinkers who suffered from high blood pressure were thirty percent less to get a heart attack than non-drinkers.

According to a study done at a University in London (2006) found that drinking red wine reduced the rate of getting heart disease.A study was done in Amsterdam’s Medical Centre (2005) found that moderate drinkers had a thirty percent less chance of contracting type 2 diabetes than non-drinkers. Consuming alcohol reduces chances of getting stroke by fifty percent than if you did not drink according to a study done in Columbia.

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